Membership of ETSI

Who are ETSI's members?

ETSI has over 800 members from 67 countries and across five continents. 

Our members include:

  • Administrations, Administrative Bodies and National Standards Organizations
  • Network Operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Users
  • Service Providers, Research Bodies, Universities, Consultancy Companies/Partnerships and others.

View our current list of members.

Why join ETSI?

ETSI's members actively participate in the work of the Institute: they determine ETSI's work programme, allocate resources and approve its deliverables.
As a result, ETSI's activities are closely aligned with market needs and there is wide acceptance of its standards.

Becoming a member of ETSI gives you access to Technical Committees, Working Groups, test events, seminars and conferences that deliver immediate advantages to your organization by giving:

  • Access to the most up to date information on global telecommunications standards
  • The ability to influence the direction of standards development
  • Competitive advantage through the early adoption of the latest standards
  • Opportunities to network with industry leaders and raise your company's profile
  • Opportunities to meet your customers and competitors in a neutral environment

Who can become a member of ETSI?

Any company or organization with an interest in the creation of telecommunications and related standards can become an ETSI member. This includes universities, research bodies, associations and public authorities, as well as industrial companies of all sizes. Indeed 25% of ETSI's members are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The following types of membership are available, depending on the geographical location and the depth you wish to be involved:

  • Full membership for organizations established in a country within the CEPT area
  • Associate membership for organizations established in a country outside the CEPT area
  • Observer membership for organizations established in a country within or outside the CEPT area, but with limited membership rights

See our Membership Rights and Benefits page for an overview of the differences between these categories.