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ETSI Seminar

The ETSI seminar is a 1 and a half day workshop of presentations, exercises and debates around how ETSI works to create standards, starting from their initial conception right through to their introduction and use in industry.

Seminar participants learn of:

  • The definition of a standard
  • The characteristics of good standards
  • The organization of the work in ETSI
  • The relationship between standards, directives and regulations
  • The ETSI decision-making process
  • ETSI's tools and services that are designed to maximize the return on investment for contributors to standards

The seminar takes place twice a year at ETSI. Check for the next ETSI seminar, or contact us.

ETSI technology pages

ETSI provides descriptive pages for each of the technologies it standardizes. 
Browse our repository to find overviews and descriptions about your preferred technology and how ETSI contributes to it. Non-exhaustive lists of the principal standards for each technology are also provided.