Next steps to get involved

If you are interested in participating in ETSI, or would simply like to obtain more information, here are some next steps.

Request a contact with a committee Chairman or Technical Officer
Are you interested in any specific technical committee or working group? Would you like to ask a question related to a technology or committee? Please contact us with your request.

Participate in an ETSI event
ETSI organizes regular open workshops on technical subjects. Together with the ETSI Seminar, these workshops provide great opportunities to discover how ETSI works and to meet other participants who share your interests. For more information, please consult the list of upcoming events at ETSI.

Guest participation in a technical committee for a limited time is available, at the discretion of the relevant committee Chairman. If you are interested, please contact us.

SMEs and micro-enterprises benefit from reduced membership fees at ETSI. If you are an SME and want to become involved in our work, our Membership Team will be pleased to talk to you. The ETSI website contains information about the rights and benefits of members, membership fees and instructions on how to apply to become an ETSI Member.