ISE Project

Friday 16 June 2017

ETSI hosted the Final Workshop of the Intelligent Transport System Security (ISE) Project during the Security Week.


The ITS SEcurity (ISE) final workshop concludes three years of joint public-private research project on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) communication security lead by the IRT SystemX. The project partners span from academic (Institut Mines Telecom, IMT) to car manufacturers (Renault and PSA), automotive suppliers (Valeo) and SMEs (IDnomic, Trialog, Oppida) working on identity management, embedded software and security assessment.

The ISE project has explored infrastructure and embedded aspects of C-ITS security and privacy. On the infrastructure side, we present our results on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) development, scalability and interoperability tests. For the embedded part, we present our security protocols and the performance evaluation of the ISE security stack implementation. Moreover, we will present our work on security assessment and how to make it cost-effective in the case of the automobile sector.
ISE project has a tight collaboration with [email protected] project and ETSI TC ITS standardization group. We are honored to host as invited speakers Christine Tissot from Renault to represent [email protected] and Soyoung Kim from LG Electronics to present some considerations on certificate distribution for hybrid v2x.


The event agenda is available from the IRT-SystemX Website.