Security Codes

Codes are used by the communications industry to convey information about systems and equipment. At the request of relevant companies, we assign and manage codes for various technologies:

Security codes

  • DECT™ EIC (Equipment Installer’s Code)
  • DECT EMC (Equipment Manufacturer Code)
  • DECT POC (Public Operator Code)

Public codes

  • DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
  • TETRA Location System Coding
  • TETRA proprietary AT command name family
  • TETRA FAC (Final Assembly Code)
  • TETRA proprietary element owner
  • TETRA SDS-TL protocol identifier

You can download a list of the public codes already assigned (select the relevant type of code in this list).

Request a code

To request a code, you will need to complete the appropriate form, sign it, initial all pages and send it back to us.

For each code ordered there is an administrative charge of €150.

New codes are only delivered under a Confidentiality & Restricted Usage Undertaking procedure or Provision Restricted Usage Undertaking between the Beneficiary and the Provider.

For each code you want to order, there is a specific "Provision of and Restricted Usage Undertaking" form which will be emailed to you when you submit a request.

When we receive your payment we will countersign and return one scanned copy with the code(s) by secure email.

For further information, please contact us.